Mindful Mondays: 6 Sense Living Series - Shine


In this series of talks, go on a journey of your senses, elevating your experience of this wonderful thing called Your Life. Imagine an adventure, where your six senses are awakened, not just through food, but through activities and experiences, which help set up the foundations for a lifestyle of joyful and enjoyable living. This is the reality of 6 Sense Living, a lifestyle program created for curious individuals looking to upgrade the happiness and health factor in their own life.

This 6 Sense Living series focuses on 4 main aspects of living: eating and drinking, exercising, body care, and mindfulness, more poetically referred to as Savour, Sweat, Shine and Sense. Pauliina Salmenhaara, Founder of R.A.W. Inside Out, will share with you easy DIY tips and tricks for every day living, with no pretentions or extremes. Ultimately, its about authentic fulfilment, enjoying your life, your style.

About this Edition

When putting all this effort into what we put into our bodies, it is smart to also consider what we are putting onto our bodies. Furthermore, our “Shine” not only comes from what products we put in and on our body, but what thoughts we consume and create about ourselves. Come learn Pauliina’s 3-step morning body care routine: coconut oil pulling, tongue scraping and dry skin body brushing. As always, this is a two-way session, as Pauliina is always curious to learn more about you and any brilliant tips that you have.

Mindful opportunity: Do you have a non-toxic, plant-based, vegan – maybe even edible - body-care product that you would like to spread the word about? Get in touch with Pauliina before the event at therachef@rawinsideout.com, and if your product fits in with the R.A.W. Inside Out ethos, she'd love to give you one minute to pitch your product at the event. She is always on the lookout for conscious bathroom products, and clients of hers are also more interested to switch over to such products.

Look out for the following session:

Sense - Monday 28th March

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$20 for members of the public
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About the Instructor

Pauliina is a plant-based chef who crafts food and experiences to stimulate the six senses. She creates not just food, but positive thoughts, fitness and body care tips, mindfulness exercises, and soulful habits that nourish the six senses: smell, vision, taste, hearing, touch, and – the sixth one is for you to discover for yourself.

Mon Mar 21, 2016
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM SGT
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The Working Capitol
Public SOLD OUT $20.00
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1 Keong Saik Road Singapore
The Working Capitol